Health, Self-Care/Resilience

When it all seems impossible…

deuteronomy 31-8

I have had a bit [more like a lot] of writer’s block recently.  I was feeling so down, that I could not really form a complete thought concerning a topic.  I’ve gone through some personal difficulties this past week, and I finally have some clarity.  So I’d like to share a story, an experience that I’ve had that impacted me more than I realized.

I recently met a man.  I was taking a ride home from Lyft, one of those cool car ride apps.  (Just a side note, I thought it was way better than Uber)! Anyway, I am usually pretty skeptical about the drivers who drive for these companies.  I admit, I saw the person who was picking me up, and I was wary.  I think as a woman, you always have to be aware of your surroundings, especially when you’re letting someone take the control of your surroundings away from you for a time.  There is a certain amount of skepticism that is healthy!  Now that I have that out of the way, I’ll get to why I’m even blogging about all this.

So we begin the short trip to my destination, and we begin our small talk about the crazy Michigan weather lately [more like all the time, right Michiganders?!], how my night was, and what my education involves.  Once he found out that I was a psychology major, he got right into a deeper conversation: religion and the workplace.  This man had me feeling dumbfounded!  Like really? We are going to get into this right now?  Sweet!  As I talk to him about my faith, he also shared his faith with me.  When he found out that I was aspiring to become a Certified Child Life Specialist and work with children who find themselves in tough and sometimes scary medical situations, he immediately asked me how I would take care of myself in such a difficult and emotional field.

He asked me about self-care; how I am going to be resilient.  Again, I’m still taken aback by his astuteness.  I told him how I immediately respond after going through difficult situations and he chuckled.  Then he shared something that helps him “feel better instantaneously.”  Prayer.  I could feel the conviction coming off of him.  I could see how prayer moved him.  How it helped him.  He shared with me how much better he felt after prayer.  At this time in my own life, his answer affected me tenfold.

The clarity that I mentioned earlier has come because of prayer.  I have finally come to a conclusion that my source of strength can not come from myself. Or from those whom I am close to.  People will come and go, but God is forever.  God goes before us.  He will never leave you nor forsake you.  I know that when I don’t believe in myself or in my abilities, that God does.  That when I can’t seem to move the mountains, that God can.

How do we keep going when it all seems like too much? Like it’s completely impossible? Like nothing we do will ever change the outcome?  Like things won’t ever just be easy or even good?  Well, when it all seems impossible, I urge you to turn to your source of strength.  I pray that your source is ultimately God, because I know the joy it gives me to able to turn to Him in times of need and desperation.  But I know this isn’t the case for everyone.  When it all seems impossible, I trust that He will create a way possible for me.  When it all seems impossible, I will stand in the knowledge of the truth of Jesus Christ.

Be strong.


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